TIMELOOP WATCHES - Making Luxury Watches Accessible

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TIMELOOP WATCHES - Making Luxury Watches Accessible
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A refined chronograph watch made with attention to details. High quality, affordable luxury timepieces for those who appreciate style.

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Timeloop Watch
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Learn About Our Project:







While getting an awesome watch is not the most challenging task, finding one that suits your personality and style, is most definitely something that can put your nerves to the test. Not to mention the price tag associated with famous brands that overprice everything. That being said, we had to find a clean, simple design for a day-to-day use that will make you look, and feel really great. We started from these basic requirements we wanted in a luxury watch:

  • beautiful design/function 
  • solid build with high quality materials 
  • at least 3 color variations for any occasion 
  • sapphire glass scratch resistance 
  • water resistance of at least 10ATM 
  • AFFORDABLE price

That’s how the Timeloop design came into existence! We’ve touched all the basic requirements, and even more. But don’t take our word for it! Check it for yourself!






Quartz movement is able to keep time just as well as an automatic movement, and in some aspects is more reliable in the long run because you don’t have to re-adjust your watch from time to time for an accurate timekeeping, you only change the batter. And with our screws tightened back lid, that becomes a 2-3 minutes job TOPS.

Timeloop Chronograph comes in a beautiful top notch quality stainless steel SS 316L case to ensure high resistance and lifetime.



 Take it with you wherever you go. These watches are practical, functional, and above all else, really beautiful.

When we crafted this watch design, our intentions were clear: have a modern, functionally optimal, pure, high in quality and a workpiece that lasts through generations.

So after numerous sketches and talks with our design team, we came to the perfect design:


We love simple things. we also like clean designs, and long lasting objects.

With this watch we had to answer to a few problems our market faces:

GREAT PRICE - something under €350, €250, even €175. So we started with just €139 right here on Kickstarter.

BASIC FUNCTIONS - we wanted to have a watch with all the functions that an active person needs on a daily basis: time / date / stopwatch 

NO COMPROMISE DESIGN - no corners cut with this watch. It’s smart, resistant, and above all else a really beautiful piece of work.


  • Case Diameter: 41 mm 
  • Case Thickness: 10.85 mm 
  • Face Diameter: 33.5 mm 
  • Band Material: Leather Band or Steel 
  • Band Max/Min Length: 21.5 cm/17 cm 
  • Band Width: 20 mm 
  • Total Weight: 69.5 g 
  • Case Material: 316L Steel 
  • Back Lid: Stainless Steel 
  • Enclosure of Back Lid: 6 Screws 
  • Dial Window: Sapphire Crystal Glass 
  • Display: Chronograph Analog 
  • Movement: Citizen Miyota JS-15 Quartz 
  • Glow in the dark elements: YES
  • Date Function: Yes
  • Seconds Function: Yes
  • Stopwatch Seconds: Yes
  • Stopwatch Minutes: Yes
  • Water Resistant: 10 ATM / 100 Meters
  • Battery: Sony SR621SW
  • Warranty: 5 years limited warranty against manufacturing defects

We won’t ever overcharge for our watches. You’re getting the best value, for the best price possible. This we can promise you. If you want to better understand how we calculate our prices, and what our costs are, you can study the chart below.


During our design process we strived to have the most beautiful case, perfectly balanced in weight and shape, a clean simple design, with easy to read dials. This watch is suitable for men specifically but also for active women that enjoy bigger watches.



It’s a 41mm watch that is an appropriate size both for men and women.

We made 3 different models in this first line of Timeloop Watches, and you can see each of them below. 


The Republic of San Marino claims to be the world's oldest surviving republic. Guaita, Cesta and the Montale Tower are the three “pinnacles”, symbol of Mount Titano, defensive bulwarks of the liberty, sacred to the San Marino population. These towers are a symbol of strength and perseverance. The Adventurer series was inspired by the independence spirit and the majestic beautify of San Marino.  



 Venezia or Venice is situated across a group of 117 small islands that are separated by canals and linked by bridges. It has been known as the "La Dominante," "Serenissima", "City of Water", "City of Masks", "City of Bridges" and"City of Canals." Sweeping through the heart of Venice in a giant reverse S curve, the Grand Canal is the principal boulevard through the city, connecting Piazza San Marco, Rialto Bridge, and the arrival points of the rail station and bridge from the mainland. This Grand Canal has served as inspiration for our Casual Gentleman series. 



Florence is internationally esteemed for its high concentration of Renaissance art and architecture. Because it served as a wealthy and important center for medieval trade and commerce, the city gave birth to the Italian Renaissance movement. Florence is also credited with propagating many artists, inventors, writers, scientists and explorers as well as inventing opera and the florin currency, which lifted Europe from the Dark Ages. 

Dominating the panoramic view of Florence is the Santa Maria del Fiore, the domed cathedral that is often called the Duomo. This is what inspired the Black Classic series. And it is nothing short of amazing.










NOTE: Each early bird timepiece comes with a matching leather strap. You can get additional straps and bracelets at the end of the project. 






We are offering these series only via our project here on kickstarter. You won't be able to get them anywhere else, because we will not sell them outside kickstarter.

So you can rest assured you will have a limited time luxury watch crafted with love, precision and you also got it at the best possible price.


Your purchase is covered by our top notch guarantee! If for any reason you don't like your watch, just contact us and we will refund you asap.

Do not hesitate any longer. Order now, while the project is still live.